Excellence in customer contact by Artificial Intelligence

30 June 2021

ABN AMRO is 24/7 available via WhatsApp. ‘Now we are giving the guarantee that the customer will receive an answer within an hour. That’s a real challenge and Artificial Intelligence can definitely help with that.’

Wei Zhong started in April 2020 as an AI developer at ABN AMRO. She started in the unique situation that she only knows her colleagues online. The video chat room is her virtual office while working in her study. Wei is Chinese by birth and studied Biomedical Engineering at the Dalian University of Technology. She then obtained the Master degree in this field at the University of Twente.

She started her career as a Research Scientist at SciSports, a leading provider of football data intelligence for professional football organizations, football players, media and entertainment. When she moved to Amersfoort, ABN AMRO offered her the exciting opportunity to join the AI ​​team.

Client Service

‘Within our team we come up with Data-driven solutions to provide the best possible services to ABN AMRO customers. I am now working on a project where we help our chat agents to provide faster and better answer to client questions by using the latest NLP techniques to propose the best prepared answers they can choose or modify and then give to a client via WhatsApp channel.

In essence, we are increasingly applying the latest AI technology and translating data into cloud-based services to better help our employees and clients at the same time.  We collaborate with customer service and platform team inside ABN AMRO, where we learn a lot from. And we do this with just one goal: a satisfied customer whose question is answered.’

Morning stand up

Even now that we work completely online because of the corona virus, ABN AMRO offers an incredibly educational environment. Every day we start with a morning meet-up. We share the projects we work on and discuss bottlenecks. Together we know more and together we progress. And our chat agents evolve with us! Does this appeal to you?

Curious how we approach hybrid working?

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