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16 December 2020

On 15 December 2020, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. held an Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting to decide on the appointment of Mariken Tannemaat as a member of the Supervisory Board. On the face of it, this is not something that will keep lawyers awake at night. Now that the world has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, nothing could be further from the truth. The pandemic has shown that navigating through a crisis requires timely anticipation of remote decision-making options. With everyone being called upon to stay at home, holding physical meetings is not desirable. The emergency legislation temporarily allows shareholders' meetings to be held without the physical participation of the share and depositary receipt holders.

Donate Berkhof has been ABN AMRO's Senior Legal Counsel for several years now. After studying law, she worked as a junior civil-law notary for a large law firm for over ten years. 'I wanted to be more involved in the long term, which is often more difficult as a lawyer or junior civil-law notary, because you are called in for a specific aspect. What I like about ABN AMRO is that it is very challenging on both a technical and legal level. Moreover, there is good legal awareness and you will be accepted as a business partner if you show that you think in terms of opportunities and solutions. That's why I made the switch to ABN AMRO. With my penchant for corporate law, this is the right place for me. The diversity of stakeholders and constantly changing complex legislation and regulations create an unprecedented dynamic. Moreover, I think that ABN AMRO has one of the best legal teams out of all companies in the Netherlands. The level of work can be compared to that of a large law firm, and in some aspects it may be even higher because we are also involved on a strategic level. Take the implementation of complex legislation relating to ESG and sustainability, for example – it's an important spearhead in our strategy.

Group Affairs

Donate is part of Group Affairs, a team consisting of 28 lawyers. Our team is involved in lots of interesting organisation-wide, national and international projects, at every stage of the entire process. These range from M&A, restructuring, corporate governance, legal risk management, privacy, I&T and annual reporting to implementing new legislation. We work together intensively and share a lot of knowledge with each other.' Deepening and broadening knowledge therefore go hand in hand. If you are an experienced lawyer looking for an environment in which you can develop and act as a sparring partner for the business, please get in touch.

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