It's exactly at a big bank like ABN AMRO that I can make a difference

5 January 2023

With more than 5 years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Anouk Moll knows all about product development. As Innovation Manager at ABN AMRO, she is currently collaborating on the ID & pay app - a product with international potential, currently in its infancy. But can a big bank innovate? Anouk talks about her experiences.

From start-up to corporate

'Entrepreneurship is my passion. I had my own business for five years, developing a software platform with my team. This gave us a lot of energy, but running a start-up is not easy. So I decided to look for a job with a bigger company. I wanted the freedom to innovate as well as the resources. That's how I came to work at ABN AMRO. Conversely, the bank chose me because of my experience in product development. It was a big step, but a logical choice for me. It's exactly at a big bank like ABN AMRO that I can make a difference.’

A true all-rounder

'As Innovation Manager, I contribute to the development of new products. Innovation can move very fast indeed, something you not only see reflected in the products and services, but also in the growth of the department: in two years, the number of colleagues has doubled. Within the team, I am something of an all-rounder. I work on something different every week, which keeps my work challenging - from the UX to marketing and communication to testing. We get the specialists involved as soon as the product works and we can back it up with data.'   

International potential

'The team and I are currently working on the ID & pay app. We launched the pilot in September. The product has international potential, but product development takes a long time. Just think of what needs to happen: convincing our internal investors, collecting data, and getting laws and regulations in order. On the other hand, we get to use ABN AMRO's vast network. So before you know it, you're sitting down with the CEO of a potential client, which is unthinkable at a smaller company.'  

Swapfiets trial

'The ID & pay app is of interest to both consumers and businesses. Consumers use the app to verify their identity and bank account. This allows users to sign up and pay for a shared bike, for example, within seconds. If the company is affiliated with us, you can use ID & pay immediately, which is much more efficient. Our first customer is Swapfiets. We are currently testing the app with 500 users. During this trial, we collect data to then improve the product further.'   

Collaboration within the bank  

'Speed is paramount when it comes to innovation, but that isn't always all that easy within the bank. Humans are creatures of habit; we find change difficult. This makes engaging colleagues slow at times. But if the right parties are on board, working together with all the different parts of the organisation is really enormously satisfying and enjoyable.'   

Opportunities outside of work

'Outside of my job, I find it important to contribute socially. ABN AMRO allows us to dedicate a number of working days to volunteering every year. During the pandemic, I used these days to establish my EMPOWR platform, a resource packed with career advice for women. As a woman, I believe we should help each other when it comes to an equal society. The platform provided advice to 400 young women. The fact that I was given this opportunity to do alongside my work is something I find very special, and which makes ABN AMRO truly unique as an employer.'

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