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14 May 2021

'I work in the Governance, Oversight & Support team within CADM, overseeing the execution of the data strategy and working daily to ensure that we remain on track with our ambitions of unlocking the power of data. After my study of French language and civilisation at Zhejiang University in China, I moved to France, later to Madrid and when I was granted a full scholarship at Nyenrode Business University for a master’s degree of Global Strategy and Sustainability, I happily ended up in the Netherlands.'

A personal bank in a digital age

“To achieve the delivery of ABN AMRO’s strategy, a data revolution is taking place in the bank. Data is at the heart of everything and has the ability to unleash unforeseen opportunities in the strategic and regulatory domain. With the value and insights created by data, we become much stronger in supporting our employees to help clients transition to sustainability and social impact, such as detecting human trafficking and financial crimes. The bank proactively responds to regulations and continuously improves its products and services.”

Contribution to the Data Strategy

'In the Oversight team I deliver the financials for the data strategy in a data-driven way; this includes capacity request of more than 2500 deliverables collected across the bank. Through the accurate financials of different departments, I ensure that the executives have the required content to set up priorities. Forecast, budget and actuals can be viewed in any angle and visualisation of financial data helps analysis and decision making. This does require a lot of fine-tuning with management and stakeholders across the different business lines, which is interesting and challenging! Implementing the data strategy is not easy, and by exploring, making mistakes and learning from them, we get there. Creativity and courage generates energy, injects variety into my work, and creates good results.'


'As a young professional, I was looking for an employer which would train and care for me, as well as providing me with space to perform and to grow. The human side of a company is something I value greatly. Due to the pandemic, reuniting with family has been impossible for more than two years. Struggling with homesickness, my managers actually encouraged me to take the time needed to travel to China and recharge. Working from home became the new norm and drawing the line between work and private life can be challenging. My team and managers always support each other in dealing with complex issues and stress; this is a great example on how ABN AMRO take care of employees.'

A young professional within the bank

'The bank enlarged my network and broadened my horizon. There are countless trainings to participate in. My personal ambition is to be fluent in Dutch, and the development budget of ABN AMRO has allowed me to take courses aiming to be able to better work with clients in the near future. My daily work has taught me to communicate effectively and has trained my tenacity and adaptability. To perform tasks, I have been given strong autonomy and that enables ownership. My observation is that ABN AMRO believes in people’s potential and intrinsic motivation over hard skills.

I take pride in the role I play in the large data revolution going on at ABN AMRO, and I am excited to say that we are looking for new colleagues with different backgrounds and skills. Are you interested? Check out the Data Strategy vacancies!'

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