Mohamed Khalil

Business Compliance Officer

"Compliance is about the grey area between what is allowed and what isn’t: wanting to do the right thing, even if no one tells you to.”

Compliance and digital services: from innovation to sustainability 

"When I tell people about my work, I often notice that the term 'compliance' raises questions. I 
always describe it as the grey area between what is allowed and what isn't, and how you can best fill this in. Whereas legislation is very black and white, compliance is about the loopholes in the law: wanting to do the right thing, even if no one tells you to. This not only relates to one’s own business operations, but also to responsibilities towards customers. Do you offer products and services because customers can afford them, or because they really need them? As a compliance officer, you constantly hold up a mirror to yourself and the bank in order to maintain integrity."

From student to starter

"I studied law, but realised after a while that the legal profession is not for me at the moment. During my master's degree, I worked as a mortgage officer at ABN AMRO. Before this, I had gained some experience at other large Dutch banks, and I immediately noticed that the atmosphere and accessibility at this bank were right up my alley. After some discussions with colleagues, I decided that I wanted to stay here after my studies. Eventually, I started as a digital risk expert, focusing on Compliance and Legal. I was already working with a compliance officer at the time, the position I now hold myself."

Focus on digital

"In my current work, the emphasis is still on ABN AMRO's digital services, such as online and mobile banking and the Tikkie repayment app. This means that, within compliance, I am very much involved with data and our duty of care towards customers. Can they count on us to handle their data properly and transparently? My colleagues and I make sure that ABN AMRO stays on top of this. After all, we have a responsibility toward our customers and society. Customers trust us with their payment details and financial resources, so we must fulfil our end of the bargain."

The dynamics of compliance

"My role is mainly advisory, but also proactive. Colleagues regularly come to me with questions and meanwhile I keep an eye on the bigger picture. And since the compliance profession and my area of focus are evolving, I have to keep up with all the trends and innovations. I also have to deal with many different parties, all of whom do something different and have their own vision. These collaborations and dynamics make my work diverse, challenging and, above all, fun!”

Sustainability in practice

"ABN AMRO has a major impact on society, if only because we have so many customers and employees. To put this influence to positive use, we do a lot with sustainability. I myself am a member of the sustainability circle, in which I reflect with colleagues on the impact of this type of legislation and regulations on our own business operations. Since there are countless laws about this within compliance, it's also what I deal with in my daily work. Digitalisation and sustainability regularly go hand in hand at the bank: digital developments mean that we increasingly serve customers remotely, which means, for example, that we need fewer office premises. That's both future-oriented and sustainable – exactly what we as Compliance Department at ABN AMRO are striving for!"


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