Different backgrounds and points of view make us stronger

Different backgrounds and points of view make us stronger. In this way we anchor ourselves in society and enables us to improve our impact. With more diversity within our teams are we capable of aiming at more creative and more innovative solutions for our customers. Inclusivity is not something we only see as our social duty, but also as a necessity to remain relevant as a bank.

ABN AMRO is a company where we encourage you to be yourself by offering everyone equal opportunities

Gone are the days when employees had to fit into a straitjacket. However, to become an even better reflection of society as a bank we need to take diversity to the next level. That just doesn’t happen automatically. 

For this purpose we set measurable goals for attracting and promoting diverse talent. These goals are broadly supported within the bank and expresses our ambition. The results are evaluated and shared every quarter. 

To attract and retain a mix of colleagues of all ages, origins, gender identities, sexual orientations and physical abilities, we invest in inclusive leadership. We strive for a balanced representation of people in the (sub)top of our bank. Because let’s be honest: when it comes to cultural, ethnic and gender diversity in our management, there is still a world to gain. 

We work on equal opportunities in various ways. A good example is the training we provide to eliminate unconscious biases in our recruitment processes. Another way in which we promote equal opportunities is through mentoring and talent programmes, in which we create the conditions to allow diverse talents to be fully appreciated.

I’ve made colleagues wear glasses with the lenses taped over

Rick Vergeer (24), process specialist at ABN AMRO, has a visual field of twelve percent instead of one hundred. This means that he has to sit closer to his monitor than most people, and needs special software so that he can do his job.


People see my limitation first, but I think in terms of possibilities

I was born with a muscle disease and go through life in a wheelchair. Looking for a job is different for me than for people without disabilities. I have to prove myself every time, but I don't always get the chance to do that.

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