Making an impact

Making an impact

With inventive solutions, you can make a real difference to our clients.ABN AMRO has an entrepreneurial mentality. Since its foundation (originally, we were De Handelsbank), we have been the engine oil of the Dutch economy. You use your own and your team's expertise to create inventive solutions that really make a difference for our clients. Needless to say, banks are subject to a lot of rules and regulations. However, you will notice that where we can, we always look for inventive solutions to our clients' issues – while keeping the client's interests our top priority at all times. The payment app Tikkie is a good example.

Accelerating the sustainable transition

As a society, we face enormous challenges as a result of issues such as climate change and social inequality. As a bank, we want to accelerate the transition to sustainability. We offer smart, innovative solutions and develop new initiatives relating to the climate, circular economy and social impact. Because we believe there's a world to be won.


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