Your well-being is our priority. Discover what MyWellbeing can do for you, so that you can get the best out of yourself and enjoy life to the utmost.

What is MyWellbeing?

MyWellbeing is the positive wind that blows through ABN AMRO. We ensure that you can work in a healthy and safe manner, of course, but well-being is more than that. Besides being physically and mentally healthy and fit, it also means that you feel good about yourself, that you get the most out of yourself and that you can prioritise the things that are really important to you. Not only at work, but also at home. This makes a good energy balance essential: the more energy you have, the happier you are and the greater your general success. 


Exercise and relaxation during the working day are important to us. This is why you get access to our HelloWellbeing platform when you work at ABN AMRO. Here you can follow exercise and relaxation sessions during the (working) day, both online (live and on demand) and on location at certain offices. You can also book physiotherapy sessions (online or offline), work on healthy habits, find tips on healthy working and fill out an energy scan on the basis of which you will receive personal advice.

Health Gains Study

Every year you can participate in a confidential Health Gains Study free of charge. You fill in an online questionnaire and get a physical examination. You will receive a report with the subsequent results and possibly further coaching and guidance.

Hybrid working

At ABN AMRO we work in a hybrid manner. This means that, in consultation with your team, you can work where and when you want. We provide you with a laptop and a home workstation that fully complies with health and safety standards. Our Hybrid Fit programme supports you in this.

Workshops and lectures

Through our digital learning environment you can register for various workshops and lectures. Among other things, you can attend workshops on nutrition, sleep, mental strength, mindfulness, work-life balance and energy management. You can also work on losing weight or stopping smoking under supervision. The theme of well-being is also invariably on the agenda during our Learning Weeks with well-known and inspiring speakers.

Coaching, counselling and confidential counsellor

If you need personal guidance, there are various possibilities for coaching: this can be on a physical or mental level, but also, for example, on a financial level. In case of imbalance or problems at work, you can turn to the company doctor, the company counsellor or the integrity confidential counsellor.

Sabbatical and career opportunities 

Sometimes you feel the need to get away from it all, to be able to reflect on where you stand and where you want to go. Taking a sabbatical is possible for this purpose. There are also various tools, programmes and an internal Coaches Network within the bank to help you clarify or take the next step.

Personal development budget

ABN AMRO provides you with development budgets to enable you to develop your talents with a view to the future. 

Benefit budget

With your Benefit Budget you can, for example, buy a fitness wearable, a regular or electric bicycle or extra vacation days. This will be sure to give your well-being a boost!

Team activities and networking

There are plenty of opportunities to do a fun energiser, activity or workshop with your team. Working on well-being as a team is more fun than alone after all! There are also various networks within the bank that you can join. 

Informal care

ABN AMRO as an organisation supports informal care. If informal care is something you're involved in, we can look for solutions to maintain a good work-life balance together.

Health & Safety

Healthy, safe and pleasant working conditions support employees to enjoy their work and are also necessary in order to limit and/or prevent sick leave, accidents, injuries and damage. As a responsible employer ABN AMRO is committed to provide this safe and healthy environment for all employees. Informing and training employees to work safely and with respect to their own and other people’s health is our responsibility. ABN AMRO N.V. is therefore committed to successful implement the Health & Safety policy (pdf). 

Curious how we approach hybrid working?

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