ABN AMRO’s B-Able programme

B-Able: Talent has no limits

In the Netherlands, there are approximately 1.2 million people with a work-related disability who would love to work. Unfortunately, very few of them are given the chance. The outside world tends to look at their limitations rather than their abilities. ABN AMRO believes that all talented people should be given the opportunity to thrive. That is why ABN AMRO gives people with work-related disabilities the scope to do so by creating targeted opportunities. 

ABN AMRO’s B-Able programme 

ABN AMRO helps people at a distance from the labour market through its B-Able programme.

In the context of our B-Able programme, we identify suitable jobs at ABN AMRO for people with a work-related disability. Once they have joined us, we will offer them supervision through the B-Able Desk. This will involve close cooperation with all the business lines within the bank and advice from a number of leading social enterprises such as Onbeperkt aan de Slag and Ctalents.

Valuable contribution

With the right facilities, arrangements and guidance, people with work-related disabilities can make a valuable contribution to ABN AMRO. In recent months, the number of people with work-related disabilities employed by ABN AMRO has grown to 125. Our aim is to employ 225 people with work-related disabilities by 2025. Every one of them with a regular job including a regular salary. By doing so, we hope to promote their financial independence and job satisfaction. 

Eye for talent

Society gains when such individuals can engage in long-term regular employment, since they are then no longer dependent on benefits and welfare. Organisations also benefit greatly from their presence. Companies that employ people with work-related disabilities report higher levels of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and productivity.

How to join? 

Do you want to discover your opportunities at ABN AMRO as a new employee with a work-related disability? Take a look at our careers page and contact Nicole.Riebandt@nl.abnamro.com.

How can we achieve equal opportunities?

I’m on the committee of the B-Able staff network, a bank-based network for staff members with a disability. The B-Able programme enables the bank to help people with poor job prospects. Thanks to this programme, more people with disabilities are finding jobs at ABN AMRO. That’s obviously fantastic.

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