Marije Veenhuizen

Legal counsel

“Big cases, versatile teams and various fields of law: you're constantly challenged here!”

Legal & Compliance

Do you read newspaper articles about legal proceedings involving the bank? 
Then there's work for Marije

As Senior Legal Counsel, Marije Veenhuizen represents the bank at the helm of a large number of court cases and other proceedings in lots of fields of law. Together with colleagues and, where necessary, in collaboration with lawyers, she provides legal advice to various departments and defends the interests of ABN AMRO. It is a role that suits her down to the ground, and she is still growing every day.

A logical step

“I had an advantage when I made the move to ABN AMRO, because I was already familiar with the bank. In fact, I had already been seconded to the litigation team for a while by my previous employer. When I got the opportunity to join the bank as a corporate lawyer, I had a good idea of the bank and the work I was going to be doing.”

Creating breadth and depth

“While as a lawyer I was used to specialising in one field of law, the versatility of the position at ABN AMRO appealed to me. Our team supervises major legal disputes and court cases. Lots of different fields of law and issues come up.”

“That variety is important to me, which is why I keep challenging myself to learn new things. Besides the diversity of the cases I deal with, I am excited about the international aspect of my work. I'm currently involved in cases in England, Germany, Belgium and the USA. It is fun to learn about the dynamics of law in another country.”

Representing ABN AMRO at the helm

“As Legal Counsel, I handle quite a few cases at the same time, but luckily I'm not alone. I often work with colleagues in my team and across the bank. We bring in lawyers from the Netherlands and abroad if necessary. My role? Establishing the content and strategy of each case and bringing bring any legal proceedings to a successful conclusion.”

My work in the spotlight

“Banks play an important role in society, and the actions of financial institutions are often under the magnifying glass. Some legal proceedings also attract media interest, and working with the media dynamics poses an additional challenge. In a good way, because it gives me the energy I need to keep things running smoothly!”

Developing how I want to

“It's important that I am given the freedom to chart my own path. It could be by working on interesting cases and developing professionally and personally in various ways, both in the legal field and in other areas. ABN AMRO gives me every opportunity to do that.”

“For example, I recently took a course in business administration at Nyenrode and I have just completed my training to become a budget coach. Soon, I will be matched with a family in financial difficulty. Together with a colleague, I will help them get to grips with their expenses and income. It's a great opportunity to use my knowledge and experience for a good cause and really make a difference to someone's life.”  

Right at home

“The next step? Actually, I'm not thinking about that at the moment. I've only been with the bank for 18 months and I still see plenty of challenges. Perhaps a management position will be a good step for me, further down the line. A completely different role within the organisation is also an option, which is the great thing about working for ABN AMRO: you could go in any direction. But that's for later. I enjoy my work and my team far too much. For now, I'm fine where I am!”

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