Make a real impact with our stakeholders

2 March 2022

I started at ABN AMRO in 2011 as a CISO trainee to support the development and implementation of a new application and came to CADM in 2017. I’m 34 years old and I live in Utrecht with my partner, 1 year old baby and cat. I have a master’s degree in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence from the University of Utrecht and in my spare time I like to solve Japanese puzzles (nonograms) and I like to go outside for a walk.

How did you get your current role?

I came to CADM after I had some peer group coaching sessions with former colleagues. It is so important to talk with your peers about your ambitions and what you like to do. This inspired me to start my orientation in ABN AMRO for the next step in my career which led me to CADM. I chose for CADM because data quality is key for risk management, also for information security risk management. 

What does CADM do and what is your role and what do you like most?

CADM is responsible for the architecture and data management of our bank including our subsidiaries. For data management we seek effective and efficient ways to unlock and use our data as good as possible. I work at the department data governance and what I like most is to solve challenging problems with how we manage data. We seek solutions for problems that the market often does not offer yet and together with our stakeholders we can make real impact. When it works of course. For instance, how do you ensure that the right person decides what the quality of data should be? What the data can be used for? And what does this person need to do make these decisions? 

What is your biggest challenge to work here as a woman?

I don’t experience this as a challenge. It can be that I am actually ignoring this consciously, just pretend as if it is not a topic. In this job you will need to like IT and the content of it, I really like it and can really use my talents in this work. It could be that as a woman you may tend to say faster that things are not going well for instance at home. Possibly this is something I added to the team, which mostly consists of men, that we are now much more open and share more.  

What do you like most of your work? 

Solving puzzles and tackle difficult problems. 

What is your advice or quote for other women in I&T or ABN AMRO?  

When you’re not sure, talk about it with a colleague you trust! 

Curious how we approach hybrid working?

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