Finance Traineeship

Finance Traineeship

Quickly gaining a lot of experience as a finance professional and making an impact in an environment that is constantly dealing with innovation and change: these are the ingredients of the Finance Traineeship. Banking is no longer just about processing money and transactions; it is much more than that! In order to continue giving substance to the new banking, we need your talents.

What does the program look like?

Fast, up-to-date and clear financial management information is essential for ABN AMRO. More than ever before, financial expertise is needed in all conceivable processes, from administrative organization, pricing, forecasting, modelling, to decision support, risk management and control. In short, the Finance function is of strategic importance across all of ABN AMRO at every level. The unique thing about this programme is that you contribute to the completely new state-of-the-art finance and risk landscape and make an active contribution to the sustainable transition that we are going through as a bank.

Collaboration with external partners

For our Finance Traineeship, we work together with agencies. At one of these external partners, you will participate in a program full of training, education and coaching for a year. Following this programme, you will start with a contract with ABN AMRO. The advantage for you as a trainee is that you are free to choose which agency suits you best and where you feel most at home. Below you will find more information about the different agencies, and you also can apply immediately:


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Why choose the Finance Traineeship?

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