TNW Conference

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Thank you for being part of TNW 2021. We are confident you had a great time at our pavilion or were inspired online. Hopefully you had the chance to attend interesting sessions and ask our colleagues everything you wanted to know about ABN AMRO.

We hope to see you again next year at TNW 2022!

Personal bank in the digital age

Mel Jacobs, CIO Private, Commercial and International Banking, speaks about how ABN AMRO is taking the lead in becoming a personal bank in the digital age. In this session Mel Jacobs elaborates on how our people, technology and the way we work and interact with customers will get us there.

Opportunities for third-party developers

Koen Adolfs, Lead Product Owner (Open Banking & Enterprise Integration Technology), speaks about how ABN AMRO's goal is to provide clients with the ability to control their finances, so that they are in a position to make decisions that are right for them. 


Jim Wittermans, IT Engineering Lead at ABN AMRO Clearing, speaks about the journey of globalisation using monorepos to serve clients like flash traders & corporate hedgers by building a Global Client Portal.

Time Travel – Women in IT

Dorothee Appel, Chief Information Officer RCBF (Retail Banking, Commercial Banking & Functions), guides us through an exciting time travel from the historic days through the present into the future. With 30+ years of experience in IT, Dorothee points out the importance of having our best talents using technology in responsible and sustainable ways for the future of our planet.

Shifting innovation

Menno van Leeuwen, Program manager Impact Nation at ABN AMRO & Lennaert Koch, CFO at HelloPrint, speak about how ABN AMRO aims to accelerate the sustainability shift and be a first choice partner. A showcase on how to practice what you preach. Impact Nation, initiated by ABN AMRO, is an accelerator program to help companies on the practical side of sustainability by connecting them to innovative solutions. 

Financial Crime

Robin de Jongh, Head of Detecting Financial Crime, speaks about money laundering. How can a bank detect it? What data is required and how can machine learning ensure 40% improvement? And what professional roles analysts play now and in the future? This session will give answers to all of these questions to prevent, detect and respond to financial crime.

FinTech & Banks

Hugo Bongers, Managing Director ABN AMRO Ventures, shares insights on why FinTechs and banks inevitably should partner up to move the needle towards the future of finance.

Connecting the dots

Edwin van Bommel, Head of Innovation and interim Head of Strategy and Sustainability, shares how ABN AMRO accelerates by connecting start-ups and corporate venture capital to drive growth and innovation.

Cyber attacks are evolving

Marjon Leggedoor, Product Owner Online Brand & Phishing Protection & Lalit Bhakuni, Head of Global Cyber Intelligence Center, speak about how cybersecurity threats are evolving in 2021. Why phishing is still a risk for customers and companies. And how to protect yourself.

Banks can compete with big tech by exploiting the ‘trust’ gap

In recent years, big tech companies have been pivoting into different industries. By applying their knowledge of emerging tech, they’ve been able to disrupt and overtake established players in the market. And with the emergence of open banking, they’ve now turned their sights on the finance industry. 

How do we improve cybersecurity?

If recent global events have taught us anything, it is to prepare for the unexpected – and the same is true in the digital world. Cyberattacks present a significant threat to consumers and institutions alike, and these malicious incidents continue to rise across the globe.

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Ransomware attacks are evolving

A digital epidemic is sweeping across the world at a record pace. Its name? Ransomware. This year alone hackers cut off heating to homes across the US East Coast afterhacking an oil pipeline, ending in a $4.4M ransom payment.

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Will physical banks become obsolete?

In 1964, the Picturephone was our first glimpse into the future of video communication when AT&T introduced the technology at the World’s Fair in New York. Set up as a futuristic demonstration, it was thought then that video calling would become a vital commercial tool in the coming years.

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Looking for 'The Next Step'?

We are looking for people who can make a difference. For us, and for others.Working at ABN AMRO means contributing to projects that matter. Projects that impact millions of customers. That’s why we are looking for new colleagues who want to shape future with us and make the difference. There is still a world to gain.