Global Clearing Talent Programme 2023 - London


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Global Clearing Talent Programme 2023 - London

At a glance

Do you want to be part of a company that is a vital part of the financial market industry? Or work for a business that plays a vital role in financial markets around the world, operating with the newest technologies, find new markets, clients or products? Then the ABN AMRO Clearing Global Talent Programme might be just what you are looking for. You will work globally to serve the best trading firms via our network and be in proximity to market infrastructures on four continents!


Your job

Applying for the London programme means you are going to be based at the capital of the business  world in the UK. In the first 6-8 weeks of October, all graduates attend the Global Talent Programme training in Amsterdam.  During these weeks, you will get to know the ins and outs of the financial markets and the Clearing business in particular. Alongside this, working on your personal development is a key component of the programme. Industry experts, professional trainers and ABN AMRO Clearing managers facilitate different sessions to support your understanding of the business. By the end of this training, they will have provided a solid foundation of knowledge for you to build upon. You will be part of an international group of graduates, allowing you to build a global network which is an advantageous way to start to your career within ABN AMRO!

The 12 month programme then commences, where we offer you three business rotations. You take full responsibility for your own assignments. For instance, you could be working on product, service improvements or you may be involved in developing a new risk model. Included in the programme are two rotations in the London office - and at least one rotation abroad to gain international working experience. How does Singapore, Sydney, Brazil, Chicago or Netherlands sound? During these rotations, you will get to know different parts of the organisation and branch out into the fields of Commerce, Operations, Finance or Risk; broadening your knowledge base and network. After successfully completing the programme, you will be ready to secure your first role at ABN AMRO Clearing.

Your working environment

ABN AMRO is a Northwest European personal bank in the digital age, with our Head Office based in Amsterdam. Our bank has a diverse history, dating back more than 300 years and is characterised by acquisitions, split-ups and mergers. The current ABN AMRO started in 2010 with the merger with Fortis Bank Nederland, after Fortis, Royal Bank of Scotland and Banco Santander bought ABN AMRO in 2007 and afterwards split up the bank in parts. 

Across our offices we have an employee presence of circa. 19,000 people and in the UK, we work alongside 350 of those employees. We are a bank that is committed to playing a serious role in society. Technology helps us to bring banking closer to our clients and what they need. Our areas of focus are inclusion, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, innovation and daily banking. Robust corporate governance is key for us to achieve our strategic ambitions and helps us to support our clients with our banking expertise, reliably and professionally, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Our Strategy, Core Values and Purpose

What we do (Our Strategy) – We want to be a personal bank in the digital age
How we do this (Our Core Values) – Care, Courage, and Collaboration
The reason why (Our Purpose) – Banking for better, for generations to come

Our core values of Care, Courage and Collaboration shape our culture. We are looking to live these values in everything we do, for our clients and for each other. It is through our values that we connect and that we are able to create an environment where everyone can be themselves. As a result, we enjoy working together, always wanting to stretch ourselves and we’re keen to go that extra mile. We feel embodying this ethos is important in a challenging environment where change is all around us and expectations are high.
Together, these principles foster a culture of working together and permanent learning. It’s only with this mindset that we bring the best in ourselves to deliver a high standard of performance. Our culture is the catalyst for the evolution in which we find ourselves: our people are imaginative, trust each other and do just that little bit extra to help clients.

About ABN AMRO Clearing 

ABN AMRO Clearing is an entity within ABN AMRO, recognised as a global leading provider of integrated solutions in clearing, execution, custody, financing and risk management. With 10 offices globally, we are able to service clients on 160+ exchanges, MTFs and FX liquidity centres, processing over 20 million trades daily. In banking, Clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment (buy or sell) is made for a transaction until it is settled, acting as an intermediary between clients and the exchanges these clients trade on. We become the buyer to the seller and seller to the buyer taking over the risk to reconcile orders between the parties in the transaction. Processing around 18 million transactions a day. We do so for professional traders, investment managers and large corporates. As clients are highly demanding and the market environment fluctuates, you are guaranteed to learn a lot in a short space of time. Working at ABN AMRO Clearing means thriving in an international, professional yet informal, fast-paced, IT-driven environment.



Your profile

•    A bachelor’s degree 
•    No more than two years of work experience 
•    Relevant extracurricular activities and/or experience abroad
•    Knowledge and/or demonstrated interest in financial markets and technology, embracing developments in both
•    Experience with data and/or programming/IT development skills are a plus
•    Self-starter who readily assumes responsibility
•    Highly analytical, capable of assessing and evaluating risks with a solutions-oriented approach
•    Keen collaborator, able to engage stakeholders at all levels and courteously challenge ideas
•    Adaptive mindset to keep up with a changing environment in which regulations and sustainability play an important role 
•    Commitment to continuous improvement and innovations
•    Result driven individuals who have an inquisitive mind, entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind-set
•    Individuals who thrive learning new things in an international environment

What we offer

During our Programme:
•    Valuable insight into Financial Services
•    Collaboration on various activities across numerous areas of the business
•    Opportunity to work in a dynamic, inclusive and flexible environment where you are encouraged to grow and develop both personally and professionally
•    Extensive training curriculum that allows you to increase your knowledge of our business, deepen your understanding of financial markets and products along with key soft skills
•    Being part of a valued community, working together with your fellow Talents (Graduates) throughout the programme


Apply for this vacancy via the button below. Upload your CV and cover letter. The Global Clearing Talent programme starts at the beginning of September 2023 with a general induction in Amsterdam. We are welcoming applications up to 3 April 2023.
Selection process:

The overall recruitment process includes:

1.    Apply online 
2.    CV selection and feedback (first week of April)
3.    Online cognitive test 
4.    Possible invitation assessment including personality test and assessment day in Amsterdam office mid May 2022 – comprising of interviews and a case presentation
5.    Job offer

Successful applicants will be contacted regarding next steps.

For more information, please contact: 

The success of our organisation depends on the quality of our people and the ideas they have. We believe that teams composed of a combination of cultures, knowledge and experience will generate insights, perspectives and innovative solutions for our customers. Therefore, diversity is of vital importance to our organisation. To ensure that everyone within ABN AMRO Clearing can develop their qualities, we encourage an inclusive culture where all colleagues feel recognised and valued.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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