Lead Regulatory Finding and Credit Transformation


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  • 10+ jaar
  • Een motiverende kracht
  • Natuurlijk leiderschap

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  • € 8.733 - € 12.475 pm
  • Een uitgebreid arbeidsvoorwaardenpakket
  • Regie op eigen ontwikkeling

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Lead Regulatory Finding and Credit Transformation

Your job    

In your role as Lead Regulatory Finding Management and Advisory within Credit Transformation Office you are responsible for: 

  • Supporting the Head of Credit Transformation Office with regulatory content, insight and advice  
  • Support the Head of the Credit Transformation Office in the preparation of materials towards Exbo; Supervisory Board and Supervisory teams (i.e. Joint Supervisory Team) 
  • Timely delivery of the FCD initiatives 
  • Leadership of the Regulatory Finding Management and Regulatory Advisory team 
  • Support OSI / Audit finding action plan process by steering/establishing solution direction, ‘definition of done’ and finding / action owner per finding, recommendation and action (in scope of FS) 
  • Support OSI / Audit finding and action owners in establishing the refined ‘definition of done’ and underlying deliverables and signing off on these per finding, recommendation and action (in scope of FS)   
  • Maintenance of the Regulatory and Audit Findings Management workflow tooling and insights monitor 
  • Centralized and continuously maintained and up-to-date regulatory findings management to ensure structural oversight on the allocation and progress of regulatory findings across FS and FCD initiatives. Includes OSI, IMI, SREP SA, TRIM, Audit and Progress Monitoring findings  
  • Impact assessment of opted solution and progress of delivery thereof on ABN AMRO’s change agenda, overall compliance status and relation with ECB, in collaboration with relevant departments within the bank   
  • Supporting Credit Risk in coordination for the OSIs where FS / CB is in the lead and provide support on OSIs lead from a central perspectives  
  • Coordinating the FS / CB deliverables in OSIs    
  • Following the development of line of questioning by CB during OSIs (i.e. ability to pre-empt potential observations and direction of inquiry)   
  • Steering on closure of OSI findings in in a timely and effective manner in the name of FS, ensuring that OSI actions / deadlines are signed off on by lending, lending support and lending transformation heads (owners)  
  • Ensuring the delivery of a (continuous) strategic view on the progress of the execution and impact of deliverables on findings in relation to a FS Credit Domain compliance vision. The ‘compliance vision’ needs to be based on Regulatory Compliance, Model requirements, Data & Reporting   
  • Providing the relevant Audit / Compliancy update to MT FS/ MT CB/ Exbo/ SB. The status update needs to include FS Credit Domain vision on compliance, gap assessment vis-à-vis this vision, insight in gap closure actions (status thereof) as well as related risk mitigants, agreed risk acceptances or acceleration actions.  
  • Reporting on regulatory and Audit findings supported by actionable insights to enable impediment resolution and proactive steering mechanisms.  


Your profile 

  • You engage in a dialogue and wins the hearts and minds of individuals and teams. Invites and uses the opinions and perspectives of others 
  • You are responsible for the optimisation of processes and procedures within your area of attention in line with external legislation and rules and in line with internal policies.  
  • You put clients’ interests first and take into account (possible) risks for the bank. 
  • You point the way for the further development of the area of expertise and secure commitment to this at a strategic level. 
  • You direct activities performed by specialists in a complex, high impact functional or commercial area of responsibility. 
  • You act at both tactical and strategic levels and focus on medium to long-term objectives 
  • You generate excitement for, and encourage commitment to, the team’s mission.  
  • You create strategic alliances.  
  • You create support for culture and set an example.  
  • You publicly challenge the status quo by comparing it to an ideal or the need for change.  
  • You persuade influential people to arrange for action to be taken with respect to identified values 
  • You mobilise teams to collaborate, enable execution and get the right results 


Qualifications and attributes 


  • Academic education level 

  • Understanding of credit risk and regulation 

  • A least ten years relevant lending experience 

  • At least five years managerial experience 

  • Significant policy/ regulatory experience   


  • Strong regulatory knowledge and understanding of policy/ regulatory implementation  

  • In-depth knowledge of a broad range of lending products 

  • General knowledge of other banking products and services (being able to make the connection) 

  • In-depth experience with change management 

  • Knowledge of macro-economic and external market developments (current and upcoming) and their impact on the credit risk managed within the department 

  • Deep knowledge of the customer journeys and process optimization 

  • Skilled in stakeholder management (across all colleagues) 

  • Ability to bind diverse teams with a common purpose and strategic agenda 

  • Inspires and enables others around the Why and What of the ABN AMRO purpose and strategy and its translation for the Corporate Bank, Financing Solutions, Lending Transformation and the Future Credit Domain 

  • Encourages and empowers teams to challenge the status quo and experiment 

  • Proven leadership skills: leads change, by communicating explicitly what must change, why changes are necessary, and what desired outcomes will be 


We are offering

•    The gross monthly salary displayed above is based on a 36-hour work week, including vacation pay and benefit budget.
•    The Benefit Budget is 11% of your salary. The Benefit Budget allows you to acquire additional employment benefits. If you make no purchases or reservations in the Benefit Shop in a given month, you are paid one twelfth of your Benefit Budget that month.
•    Five weeks of vacation per year. You have the option to purchase an additional four weeks per year.
•    Personal development Budget of € 1,000 per year, which you can accumulate up to € 3,000.
•    Possibility to work from home (in consultation with your team and depending on your position).
•    An annual public transport pass with free public transportation throughout the Netherlands.
•    An excellent pension scheme.

We offer you a challenging and international environment. You will work with colleagues with passion for their sector, job and clients and who have a high standard of performance. You will be offered an excellent opportunity to develop yourself.


In case you have any questions after reading this vacancy please get in touch with Karina van den Berg (Financing Solutions) via karina.van.den.berg@nl.abnamro.com or Anne Marie Verkuijl (Business Consultant FCD Office) via anne-marie.verkuijl@nl.abnamro.com. Please submit your motivation letter and CV in English.

We look forward to hear from you.

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