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Project Manager Risk

At a glance

It is unimaginable, but banks functioned for years without a Risk Management department. In 2024, this relatively young discipline is indispensable within the bank. There is so much going on worldwide and in many different areas that the work of Risk Management is becoming more important on a daily basis. That alone is a particularly good reason to join Risk Management at ABN AMRO. But we will mention some more!

At ABN AMRO, we are going through a major transformation with Risk because very challenging and diverse problems demand our attention. Financial risks, cyber risks, geopolitical developments, environmental risks, and health risks threaten the world and therefore also the financial sector. Our work is adventurous. Risks can come from unexpected quarters. Consider, for example, the global, long-term impact of corona. That is why we always keep a broad view, and our work develops daily. Together, we build an overarching vision of all these threats on a daily basis.  

For us, Risk Management is not about numbers. It is all about numbers. Of course, it is all about the story behind it. We constantly tell this story about ambitions, opportunities and calculated risks to our colleagues and customers. Stories based on clear figures, a structured approach, and objective analyses. In this way, we put a safety net under all financial transactions and business decisions. 

Risk Management is, literally and figuratively, the heart of the bank. We always look at the whole story and focus on the long term. Our heart lies with a healthy financial situation because it lasts the longest. No customer dream should become a nightmare. 

For all these reasons, you have a unique position within the bank. You speak to colleagues from all departments, so you learn a lot in a short time. Working at Risk Management ensures that you quickly become an all-round banking professional. With us, you look outwards and inwards, you analyse numbers and tell a story, you learn from the past and you look to the future. That is also the reason we give plenty of time for training and personal development.  

Your job

As a process & project enabler, you will support both the first and second line to continuously include and challenge them in the Future Proof Risk Management story. You see where efficiency is possible and come up with solutions. You set up the process in such a way that a positive result is created. A result that is sustainable and contributes to the bank's objectives. You don't lose sight of the interests of the customer. You work in a team and are able to take the lead. You keep an overview of the wide variety of activities. You make agreements with the client about planning, budget and results. You discuss progress and involve relevant stakeholders. 

You are constantly looking for opportunities for improvement. You know how to challenge the first and second line to properly set up and implement Future Proof Risk Management. You keep focus and know how to design and implement (change) processes together with different teams. To do this, you use our way of working, among other things. You love to encourage people to get the best out of themselves in our department and beyond. You are an example in this. Good stakeholder management is important and you feel comfortable keeping relevant stakeholders connected. You have a versatile and valuable network that you use in a positive way to achieve goals.

Working environment

Adding confidence to the client journey. Will you come and contribute?  

Informational & Operational Risk is ready for the next step: the shift from working according to the instrumental approach, to focusing on managing the risks that matter based on professional judgment. A shift that is necessary to prepare I&ORM as well as possible for the rapidly changing environment, internally and externally. The focus for the coming year will be on further developing and strengthening knowledge and skills in the field of data, writing (understandable language, clear core message and a clear call-for-action) and making analyses. We have already started this in 2023 with a bank-wide program for the risk fit employee.   

Within I&ORM we have a flat organisation consisting of an MT and several specialist teams. But most people work within the IORM Expert network. The leaders of our organization are both the stakeholders for the business in the Risk profession and the manager of permanent and partly flexible teams. This requires both substantive and people-oriented leaders who take care, courage and collaboration, our core values, as their starting points.  

  • Courage to do things differently. To focus more on the professionalism (knowledge & skills) of the I&ORM Expert, instead of describing the rules in detail. Only then will we increase sound risk taking within ABN AMRO and create focus on the risks that matter. Courage also improves the department's ability to execute, by making decisions quickly and efficiently and by adhering to them.   
  • Collaboration is important to achieve our purpose, adding confidence to the client's journey. By focusing on the knowledge and skills of the employees, we appeal to their entrepreneurship and personal leadership. To be successful in this, they will have to work closely with the 1st and 2nd line in our 3 Lines of Defence (3LoD) model and with the I&ORM colleagues. This cooperation is also important, because NFR is by nature an area that is not black and white. Only by really working together can you give colour to the grey. You do this by being in constant dialogue with your environment, as equal discussion partners.  
  • Last but not least, care. By giving IORM employees freedom within the set frameworks in how they do their work, they can take responsibility. This in turn contributes to the involvement of the IORM department and to the joint implementation of the IORM purpose 'Adding confidence to the client's journey'. Encouraging and supporting employees in their development is necessary to become risk fit together and to contribute to a Risk Fit organization with Risk Fit professionals.   

Your profile

We are looking for authentic "People" with an intrinsic motivation to make ABN AMRO a little better every day. Basically, this means that you have respect for others and their opinions, stand for who you are and have the confidence that you can add value to the whole as an individual.  

Based on the idea of "Talent", we build teams in which people complement each other, from the pragmatist to the theoretician, from the quiet thinker to the active trader, from knowledge driven to context manager. Together, we have a wide range of banking knowledge, professional knowledge and personal skills. Everyone has their own talents and together we go for results!  

Do you think you're a good fit for us? Check your profile: 

  • Academic training. 
  • More than 8 years of work experience and thorough knowledge of the practical operation of an organization, business processes, change and implementation management and risk management and practical implementation of relevant laws and regulations.  
  • Knowledge of and affinity with (operational) risk management. 
  • Excellent analytical skills. 
  • Excellent communication skills that can be used at various levels within the organization. 
  • Excellent command of the English language, both verbally and in writing. 
  • Is able to operate within a dynamic environment and demonstrates entrepreneurship.
  • Is driven, self-critical and acts confidently. And often acts as a coordinator within working group/projects/multidisciplinary teams and is ultimately responsible for the result to be delivered.  

We are offering

  • The gross monthly salary displayed above is based on a 36-hour work week, including vacation pay and benefit budget.
  • The Benefit Budget is 11% of your salary. The Benefit Budget allows you to acquire additional employment benefits. If you make no purchases or reservations in the Benefit Shop in a given month, you are paid one twelfth of your Benefit Budget that month.
  • Five weeks of vacation per year. You have the option to purchase an additional four weeks per year.
  • Personal development Budget of € 1,000 per year, which you can accumulate up to € 3,000.
  • Possibility to work from home (in consultation with your team and depending on your position).
  • An annual public transport pass with free public transportation throughout the Netherlands.
  • An excellent pension scheme.


Are you interested? Then apply now. For more information, please contact Gordon Kervezee (Expert Lead I ORM) via +31 (0)6 14 00 42 11. We look forward to meeting you!

Equal opportunities for all

The success of our organisation depends on the quality of our people and the ideas that they have. Truly surprising insights and innovative solutions for our clients result from an interplay of cultures, knowledge and experience. Diversity is therefore extremely important to our organisation. To ensure that everyone at ABN AMRO can develop their talents, we encourage an inclusive culture in which all colleagues feel engaged and appreciated.

Disclaimer external recruitment agencies

External recruitment agencies need to have a signed agreement with ABN AMRO BANK N.V., executed by a Talent Acquisition Specialist, when submitting a resume to a vacancy. No unsolicited services or offers, please.

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